A lazy Sunday afternoon

Even in the small village of San Miguel people are enjoying their well earned rest on a Sunday.

Although if you are a member of one of the two churches, House of prayer or the Catholics, it means you have to get up as early as usual and sing from the top of your lungs early morning. By 7.00 AM both churches are filled and people are trying to wake all the other villagers up. The day before most villagers went to their farms, around 4.00 in the morning to plant corn. The time is right, the moon is right etc, so most farmers joined hands and worked together to plant a couple of acres of corn for each farmer. Many hands make for light work. While the men were out on the farms the women prepared the meal. So it was busy at our neighbours as several woman came together to cook (and gossip), and have a nice afternoon. 

For us it was a lazy morning, no guests, nothing really on the program, except of course taking care of all the animals, taking care of the humans and the gardens. But we could also enjoy the wonders of the internet and watch an episode of “who’s the Mole” (Dutch version).

The internet is a luxury that many people envy. In PG people are still not able to get internet in their homes unless of course they install their own satellite. So every time we mention that to people they turn blue and purple. We did live without it for the last 6 years though and we had to go to PG (25 Miles, 40 Km away), to stay in touch with family and friends, and see what was happening in the rest of the world. Right now we even have a cell phone with usually a good set of bars for reception. Before that there was a village phone.

The phone was located in some body’s house. This means they get the call and then they will either take a message, or they will send somebody to get us, and we had to go over there and wait for the people to call back. We have had a few messages they were usually like this: little boy on the drive way tells us “My friend is going to call you”. And we had to figure out that the friend in question was somebody who did speak English, either a friend of us or just someone who wanted to be in touch with us. No clue about the fact if it was a male or a female, Dutch, Belizean, or American. And think about it, living this far away from everybody you ever knew and then out of the blue finding out that someone is calling you. We always expected the worst, it was nerve-wrecking. And luckily it never happened. After a few calls nobody called us anymore or the messages never came through anymore. We did have a dog that was a bit nervous and did take little bites out of people every now and then. Unfortunately he died but we planted a nice mahogany tree on his grave.

So what else do we do on a lazy Sunday afternoon (by now). Check the internet find out how Bin Laden was killed, what is happening with Justin Bieber (whoever that may be, but he keeps on popping up every time we open our msn messenger), find out that the entire middle east and Northern Africa is on fire???? Actually no! It is amazing to find out what 7 years of seclusion can do to former news junkies like us. Coparenting Muscovy ducks small organic hatchery, new vegetable garden Of course we are still interested, but it is more interesting to us to find out our mango tree is ready for the rainy season, our ducks are co parenting and the grass we planted last year seems to be surviving the dry season, which means that we are going to have a better pasture next year. And it gives us time to start writing our captains logs again.

For those of you who don’t know us, since we left Holland we kept a sort of diary, in which we tried to share all the things we saw and everything that happened to us. This was so we could keep our friends and family informed about the fact that we were still alive, and it gave us a nice reflection on how we were experiencing the big move and what it was doing to us. We used to write a log every week or so and e-mail it to anybody who wanted to read it. But about three years ago I think we more or less stopped doing this. Which is a shame, because we are really enjoying writing the captains logs again. Trying to tell people who might or might not know us and our surroundings, about the things we see and experience makes it all sound more special to us as well so we can enjoy all the small things a lot more.

Picture of  a Click bug, Kookai, spy bug in San Miguel Toledo during dry season One of the beautiful things of dry season are the “Kookai’s”. I have no idea if that is how you write it but that is the way Kek’chi people and we pronounce it. On the internet we found that this bug is also called the click bug. They live here year round but the last few weeks we have been surrounded by them. It is probably mating season for them. The bug is maybe an inch and a half long almost 4 cm. looks like a small truck. The head moves from left to right while the “trailer” follows. You might think that applies to a lot to bugs. BUT this bug has head lights. Two shining green lights in front of his head, like two headlights of a truck. But that is not all. When the thing takes off a “hatch” opens under the belly and another bright fluorescent light shines from there, like a flashlight. The bugs usually fly high in the trees but since we are living on the first floor they have found us, so at night our mainly screened walls are filled with those search lights. Amazing creatures! We checked out the internet and on youtube you can find some movies of them, and descriptions of them being aliens, CIA spy bugs etc. Well I really think that the CIA and the aliens are one and the same and they are all aiming for us. We must be on their priority list. Ha ha.

No really just a nice and pretty bug.

The weather is fine today the heat is gone it is a nice 32- 35 C some clouds, so nice days to play around with barbed wire, and watch “The Mole” and write a captains log.

Young ducklings. Our new flock of Muscovy ducks In the meantime our ducks are growing like cabbage (our cabbage doesn’t even grow that fast). The funny thing is that the smallest ducks have a skillet to drink from and bath in, this way they can get used to the idea............

             Have a great day.