Anohter day in "paradise"

Just a little update on the status of our polluting appliances.

weeds,grass, nature taking over As some of you know our trucks are down for a while now. The Trooper (Isuzu Trooper1988 diesel engine, just in case there is a mechanic reading this) Has been losing power for the last few years. When we bought Juni he would go 65 (M/H) (104 Km/H) sometimes downhill, wind from behind even close to 70 miles an hour, 120 Km an Hour. This was more than okay for us, and for the Belizean roads. Slowly slowly over the years, Juni is getting old we used to say, the speed went down to maximum 55 miles an hour (88 Km). Still this was okay, an old diesel engine, there is not so much overtaking on the roads here anyway, so we were okay with it. Mentioned it to several mechanics when Juni went in for a "spa" and they all ignored it. But now, Our poor old Juni will not go over 35 miles an hour (56 Km) and that is even on the roads here pretty slow, and it doesn't feel right. As if something is blocking the fuel lines????? So we put Juni on a rest period to get over his cold, and in the meantime were running around in the little old pick up (Wally). All went well until one or two times going to town ago, the brakes seemed to work less and less. The last time we went to town, it was even less than the time before, and Thank whoever watched over us that day, on the parking lot we stopped by hitting a concrete ramp. So what to do, 25 miles from home, in the afternoon already, call a mechanic. and so we did, the guy came over, looked at it, took the "brake master kit MK 1580P" (again a message to that mechanic) replaced it, bought a liter of brake fluid, flushed almost all of it through, and we had a little bit of brakes back, but things would get better once on the road (yeah out of sight right) That will be ONLY 100 Dollar please.

carpark, parking @ back-a-bush, nature vs man, isuzu trooper Isuzu pick-up In the mean time we met a nice Canadian guy who was interested in going to San Miguel, so after talking a while (it took about 3 hours from the call to driving away) he and we decided that he would stay with us. So the three of us went in the small pick up, and tried to get some cooking gas since both our canisters were empty. This was one of our main missions in town. And of course it was later than we hoped for, but we found a guy who asked us to follow him around to the place where he had his gas trucks. For all the non Belizeans the roads in PG are mainly dirt roads, with big holes. And we just followed this guy,  and the brakes were not getting better. In the meantime our guest was having a good time, coming from a farm in Canada he was used to driving this way cramped in the front (they seated 5 in the place where we were with only the three of us), and pumping the brakes a lot in order to try to brake a little. To continue the story a bit quicker, but you do get the picture now I hope. We loaded up 2 full canisters of gas (pretty explosive if anything would happen) and we were of to San Miguel. Well we made it, but the brakes did not get any better, by the end of the ride, I was happy not to have killed anything or anybody. So back home having fun with our tourist, all was well. Until after the weekend when we tried to get both vehicles fixed. We called our "trusted mechanic" explained the problems, and yes he would come over the next day. Excellent all things will turn out well. By the end of the afternoon of that next day he did show up, although the light would soon be gone. He looked at the vehicles, checked the batteries, one of them was empty, and decided to come back the next day. 

In the meantime the seasons changed and from really hot and dry is it really hot and wet right now. Rain drops from the sky by the gallons (a lot of liters). For farmers this is good news, we can plant again, things start to grow again etc etc. But since we grow things organic we do not use any spray to keep the weeds down. (by the way Weeds season 7 has just started again and we love it) So all the weeds are growing insanely quick. And our beloved Shindaiwa tx230 has not been operational since last year November. Shindaiwa tx230, gasoline, line broken head,weed eater, gras cutter Because of a little ring that flew out of the head. This ring makes sure the line comes out in a decent way, and makes sure you do not break the rest of the weed eaters head. What to do? Well for 7 months bother every store in town to get the part for you $ 7 dollar for the little thing. But no those are not available in Belize anymore. Yeah right. Lets call the importer in Belize city. No sir sorry we don't have those, and we won't get them in for the next few months. Try to get them online, no sir not for your region. The only thing that was available was a complete new head for only $ 110.00. Oh well it is dry season anyway, things are not growing that fast, so we will survive. But as mentioned before it is rainy season now, and things are growing again. Chopping with a machete is not an option, by the time you clear one area the other one is overgrown again. So we went to town Yesterday by bus to pay our bills and do some needed shopping, and just for the fun of it tried the farm supply and asked for those rings. And guess what YES they did come in, so we bought some line, 4 rings, ready to do some weed whacking. Unfortunately to use a machine like that you need gasoline (regular) (benzine). No problem we do know a guy who will be coming to San Miguel tomorrow morning, we can sent him a text message, and ask him to bring us 2 gallon of REGULAR. Message send, around 7 in the morning we get a message back that the message has been received (thank you BTL) . So all we can do is hope for the best. And around 11 the guy comes over with two gallon  of .......... Diesel. He did not read the message well enough. Bummer, but thanks for trying to help us out anyhow.

In the meantime we have been chopping around the house, had the horses eat some, but they do like the young grass a lot more so it is back to chopping. horses, paardjes, Pinta, Perchy, horses on pasture, keeping horses in the tropic And while chopping, and doing a lot more we were waiting for our beloved mechanic, not the next day not the next week, we are still waiting now. But after waiting about a week we took matters in our own hands, as far as we can do that without a vehicle (hard to get around) and without any knowledge of engines. But the first thing every mechanic will do, and according to all the online info we could find, the biggest chance for success, is changing the fuel filter. So let's call the nearest fuel filter seller about 8 miles from here (driving to town is a bit much with the vehicles in this shape) Explain what kind of car and yes the filter will be there on Tuesday. Called on Tuesday and no the thing did not come in, call back later, still nothing we will order it so it will come in either tomorrow or the next day, I still have to call today, but my hopes are not set that high. As for the brakes we put our chances on one vehicle now and hope for the best.

Our animals are doing fine, horses are super happy with all the young grass and the ducks have another new coop, New duck coop, young Muscovy, fresh meat, farming, Barbary, Barbarie, Duck, Eenddoggies are doing their "runs" again, Diesel dog has been out for about a week and is back, full of healing wounds, so things are not that bad. potlickers, dogs, dogs on bed, Diesel, Botwin Kaoru, Robin Bella We still have one kitten to get rid of, but we are keeping "Harley". That purrrrrrr really grows on you. I just wish we were not that depending on things we can't fix ourselves. Who knows one day we might be a lot more self sustainable. But for now we do like the luxury of a driving car, working weed eater, internet etc.

Have another great day.

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