Concrete or Jungle

Here we are in beautiful Belize a mixture of overcast and sun a, nice 30 C/ 86 F, while back in Holland hail drops from the sky. Brakes in Belize are not working and people are perhaps stopping to spray their land with chemicals.

Al this is true, what a world we live in. I can not forget those packed highways back in Europe. After 12 o'clock midnight on a Sunday the Highways are still packed, even in the Northern part of Holland. And for those people who have never been to Holland the Highways are 3 way lanes each direction where people can go 130 Km / 80 M per hour. As for the north you can compare it with driving from Orange Walk to Corozal. everywhere there are people going "somewhere". and all the time those people are reminded to buy buy and buy.

This was the most irritating thing I found out during my stay in Holland last month. It starts to get annoying as soon as you enter the hotel zone close to Cancun. All you can see is billboards, posters, signs pointing you to where to buy the latest. It was even worse at the airport itself. Of course you are part of the "chosen" few who have access to these special offers after you pass customs, so you can not let this chance go by. The funny thing is after spending 7 years in a small village in Toledo Belize these things are of no interest any more. Why would I buy stuff I haven't used for the last 7 years, or even thought about? But I have seen all those people who just like me had to wait a little longer (coincidence?) what can you do but shop? And after window shopping for 2 or 3 hours it is more satisfying to buy something, so your waiting has not been in vain. Or you can just hang around and watch people, and see how they are lured into the consumers role and dragged into buying stuff they don't need. It is fun and it is free, and you learn a lot about human behavior and all the patterns behind the commercials.

But enough about that, I am back in Belize and the trees are green again, that is about all the commercials I see when I walk around here. So nice and calming. The other thing I found out was that even in Holland the cows are still grass fed. Or so I thought. I saw many pastures with a lot of cows on them, but all my Dutch friends told me that it was actually rare to see so much cows outside, and they were still fed their artificial food anyway. So Dianne, be happy where you are, enjoy the pasture and the hand milking. (This message came from cow number 345_90/b her real name was Bella). One more thing about the crazy world we left, all the time morning evening or night you could see and hear planes going by not one, not two but many. If there was no actual plane going over your head, there were still the traces of them in the air. I remember going on holidays with my parents to Austria and every evening we would try to take a moment and enjoy the "glowing of the Alps", when the sun sets it seems as if the mountain tops are glowing. Right now in Holland they have their own variety: the glowing of the plane trails. Beautiful, I am sure that if we could bring back some of the old Dutch paint masters they would make new but still amazing paintings of those famous Dutch skies.

I must say that I did enjoy seeing friends and family again that was really nice after such a long time, but I would prefer them coming down here over me going over there again.

So back in Belize and of course we have a truck that gives us some trouble again, what can you do if you got no brakes, make sure a mechanic comes to your place and let him fix it. He asked about Holland and how things were, I told him about meeting friends and family again, and that for the rest you could buy or do almost anything you wanted, if you are a rich man. Besides the airfare, I don't think a Belizean with an average income is able to stay, travel and buy stuff in Holland. A train ride Amsterdam  to Breda for instance will cost you one way 16.90 Euro  (50 Bz.) return ticket will be 33.80 Euro (98 Bz.). It is a distance of 55 miles, and will take you 53 minutes. Imagine coming down to Holland with a family of five.

So after mentioning those things the guy lost his interest for Holland, and started talking about spraying his grass with gramaxone, a herbicide vastly applied in Belize. It saved a lot of work, and you could plant stuff right after you applied the gramaxone. I told him that yes indeed it saves a lot in time, you don't need to chop, weed eat, or mow the lawn so much, but what happens to the stuff you spray, it goes into the ground, and your callaloo, chaya, oranges or anything else that grows close to it takes its food from the ground, so it also takes some of the residue of the herbicide in. With the result that you are actually eating or drinking a mild version of this herbicide. Everybody here knows that it is lethal if you drink a little bit of the stuff pure. This made him think again and he asked me not to frighten him more and he would tell his son to go back to chopping and weed eating (is weed eating a verb?).

To end this piece of the captains log,  The brakes are not working yet, so we are not burning any fossil fuels, the sky is grey the rain is falling and we like it, we might have changed some ones mind about herbicides and pesticides (popularly known as medicine). It is good to be back.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

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