Dianne's dairy products

One of the things we missed from our old lives was dairy products. We thought about getting a dairy cow. A dairy cow needs a whole lot of pasture, which would mean that we would have to bulldoze two acres of jungle to feed her. We decided against it. So we were very pleased when we met the Mennonite man who delivers chicken to our neighbour's shop every week. He has a dairy cow, her name is Dianne, she is a Jersey cow with nice creamy milk and she produces more than the Mennonite family needs. And so we came to an arrangement: whenever he delivers the chicken, he will bring his dairy products for us.

We get raw milk, cottage cheese, butter and yoghurt, all home made and fresh and delicious, delivered right at our home for a reasonable price. I tend to continue the yoghurt culture so that one quart will become a gallon of yoghurt, jummy! We rinse and return the containers, the milk is produced completely biological, no extra food miles, it fits right in with us. We have become quite dependent on our flow of dairy products.

A few months ago, the Mennonite children brought just a few bottles of raw milk and a note. The note was from Dianne, and it read that she had to go on maternity leave. She could no longer be of service, and was still looking for a replacement but hadn't found one yet. She apologized for the inconvenience and promised us that as soon as she could, she would be there for us again.

Last Thursday, we were overjoyed to see our mennonite friends carrying loads of dairy and we took it all! Dianne is a proud mother now, she had a boy and is in full swing. We eat and serve yoghurt for breakfast, salad and cottage cheese, fresh baked bread with real butter, sauces and shakes with real milk, we have some catching up to do.