Food and hang out

Hammock and beer,chill,relax,read,birdwatching,butterflies,break,hideout,privacy

Eat, drink and relax on our spacious palapa. It has wifi, a fire place, hammocks, novels as well as books about belizean food, culture and nature, games and dinner tables.
The thatched roof is made from our own cohune leafs, the roof construction is made from our own local hardwood.


play a game,back gammon,cards,dice,jeu de boule,chess,checkers,risk,beans

You are invited to relax in a hammock, read a book from our library, play a game or simply enjoy the view. You will see numerous birds and butterflies visiting the fruits and flowers.


home made bread,italian,indian,fusion,Middle Eastern,Belizean,African dishes

We serve fresh local farm produce in healthy and delicious meals and drinks. We also serve beers and other beverages. The cuisine is ‘fusion’; we combine our knowledge of Dutch, Belizean, Asian, Mexican and Italian cooking with the local ingredients that are available.


Breakfast,lunch,dinner.Guest only or on reservation.juices orange tamarind

The meat we serve is from animals raised by local farmers.We are also happy to cook vegetarian and vegan dishes!
Please inform us of your preferences or dietary restrictions.


Healthy organic meals,Vegetarian, Vegan,meat eaters,garden vegetables,beef,fresh

The food is served farm style: together on a large table where everyone takes their own servings. A meal costs 10 to 15 $ bze (5 to 7.50 $ US).