How to get to Back-a-Bush

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From Punta Gorda, reach Back-a-Bush by taking the San Miguel/Silver Creek bus, Cal or Cucul, leaving at the village bus stop at Jose Nunez street. Busses run twice daily, 11.00 h. and 16.00 h. except for Sundays. Most days there are 2 more busses at 11.30 and 16.30. Tickets are 4 $ bze (2 $ US) one way and it takes about an hour. Ask the driver to stop at Back-a-Bush. You can also take the regular bus and go to the Hicattee junction by the Southern highway. Get out at the big sign pointing to Lubaantun. Call me in advance and I can arrange a pick-up for 20$ bze (10 $ US) to get you from the junction to San Miguel. It's only 5 miles but the road can be rough.


With your own transportation; follow the southern highway in the direction of Big Falls. Just north of Big Falls village there is the Hicattee junction; you will recognize a big sign pointing to Lubaantun. Follow the turn-off through Silver Creek, until you reach San Miguel (5 miles). When you reach the top of the hill with the village sign, go 80 yards further and you will find the Back-a-bush sign to the left. Just enter the driveway, the dogs will greet you.

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