The vegetable garden

Our Mayan neighbours have their own rules about planting, and the moon plays a big role in anything they do. I really try to understand the logic behind it but I never managed to confirm a pattern that I thought I had discovered. Certain plants and trees have to be planted with new moon (the ones that you do not want to grow high, I think) and others around full moon ( the ones that grow high, like hard wood trees I think) Cohune palm leaves, used for thatching of roofs, have to be cut in the week before and after full moon, otherwise they decay fast and attract termites. The same goes for lumber, although not for all types.

Years ago, the former owner of our farm told us a different moon story for each plant, and tried to explain to us how it worked. The fact that he speaks Kek'chi and a bit of spanish but no english, and we speak english and only a wee bit of Kek'chi and spanish did not help. We did manage to understand that the plants had to be planted when the moon was there (pointing at east horizon), there (pointing straight up) or there (west horizon). Up to this day I cannot understand what he meant, and it is frustrating because I know he has a world of knowledge that is quickly disappearing. I asked many other people in the village but no one so far has been able to tell me the why or how with this moon, it just is the way it is. The rational being in me is craving for a scientific explanation. 

Yesterday a family came to visit us and gave us some new clues: harvest Jippi Jappa and cohune cabbage just before and after new moon, and pluck a duck or a chicken at full moon.  I am going to pay attention to that, because I did notice sometimes the ducks are very hard to pluck and sometimes we're done in no time. Sometimes every jippi jappa plant has shoots and sometimes I come back empty handed. 

callaloo, spinache, leaf vegetable, amaranth, carribean spinache I planted the vegetable garden around full moon. The tomatoes have come up quite nicely, the chinese cabbage came up quick and also the callalloo is thriving. But the green beans, the eggplants and  the banana peppers failed miserably. So I planted them again just before new moon, and now they have come up almost 100 %. I am puzzled, the failed eggplant and peppers are in the same family as the thriving tomatoes and have basically the same needs. All circumstances,soil light and water, were exactly the same.

And then the other thing, here when the woman has that time of the month, she is not allowed to touch plants because it will kill them. "Non sense" I thought and I planted okra seeds in the forbidden time. Only one has come up so yesterday I planted them again, now that I am safe. Same spots, and seeds from the same pods. We will see. New moon was just a few days ago.

wow, awesome post.Really thank you! Great. Chittam

wow, awesome post.Really thank you! Great. - Weinberg

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