welcome to the captain's log online

Our site is online (as you can see) and we keep on improving. Here is our first farm update.

Here we are going to keep you informed of all the things happening at Back-a-Bush. Today is another hot day the sun is out. Right now we are working on the renewal of the fences. Our darling Percy (a horse) found out he can jump over our barbed wire fence. We can't really blame him, with the dry season in progress the grass actually IS greener on the other side of the fence. The good thing with the dry season is that this is the right time to plant the living fence posts. We are cutting most of the sticks and posts from the previously planted posts. We tried to do this in the rainy season as well, but the posts would not catch, but rot. Our Mayan neighbours had told us before but stubborn as we were we had to try it in the wrong season. We have been planting for the last few weeks and the new leaves are forming already.

The dry season has been taking a break this week, we have had a few really nice showers, which meant less watering the vegetable garden. We are eating tons of callaloo from our own garden again. but we will soon fill you in on all the garden details. It is only 90 F, 32 C here right now lately is has been around 100 F, 38 C a bit too hot to do a lot of work on the farm

Our ducks are doing great we have 20 new ducklings right now and there are four more ducks sitting on eggs, and we still have between 1 and 4 eggs a day to eat.

Have a nice day,